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Small Group Studies 

Groups made easy. Start any of these bible studies on your own, with your family and friends, with your small group. We want it to be easy to dive deeper with God anywhere- couch to small group room.

Happily Ever After bkg JP.jpg

Do "Happily Ever Afters" actually exist? Follow along in this 6-week bible study to find out how to live intentionally in your relationships to reach the Happily Ever After that God has made available to you now!


Part of the challenge of a life mission is discovering what that mission is. The answer to that question can then point us in the right direction for “becoming that person...on life mission for Jesus.”  So... lets grow together as we learn what it means to live our lives on mission for Jesus – Here, Near + Far!


Have you ever… Completed a triple somersault off the high dive, Traversed the Appalachian Trail, Skydived from 10,000 feet? Congratulations! You’ve completed an Advanced Maneuver. Way to go! Jesus was great at Advanced Maneuvers… Choosing to be unoffendable, Turning the other cheek, Carefully selecting wise friends. He was a master of the Advanced Maneuver.  And, if we follow His example, we can be too! Join us for this six-week study about becoming experts at Advanced Maneuvers in our relationships.

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Welcome to “More Than Happy”…
a Bible study of the book of Philippians.  
Philippians has the nickname “the joy book.”
If we are honest, we could all use a little more
joy in our lives….or maybe even a lot!

Brave Graphic.png

We are excited to invite you to Brave! We don’t know about you, but for us, life and world events are becoming more confusing. You may be won- dering if we are in the “end times” and if so, what does that mean. You may be discouraged and losing confidence. This series discusses what the Bible says about “end times.” Spoiler alert: Jesus wins! Consider: During this 5 week study you’ll have opportunities to share your own ideas and experiences, watch a short video teaching on that week’s theme, discuss the scriptures, learn from each other and build lasting relationships with the people in your group. What similarities are there between our time and the “end times” that Jesus discusses in Matthew 24? We’re excited about what God has in store for you and your group over the next five weeks, and we’re praying that you would experience God in a fresh and relevant way as a result of this study. Jim said we must be “ready to meet Jesus.” What does that phrase really mean...”ready to meet Jesus”?
Remember: Be Brave! Jesus wins! Jim and Jennifer Cowart

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